As a musician and software developer, I've committed myself to build a multitrack audio recorder (4 track like) for the Android platform. Openness bring us fast access to knowledge and, as consequence, better solutions. That is why SongMemo is a Free and Living Open Source project.

In the last few years, I've been avoiding Java language, always finding a reasonable excuse to replace it by another technology.


Android has come to change that!

I wanted to go native with Android application development, and the only way to achieve that is by using Java.This project, introduces me both, Java and native development for Android platform.



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Marketing and User Interface

These are some of the icons proposed for SongMemo's icon.


SongMemo's User Interface / available skins:



Bug reporting

If you have found any bugs please contact me.


Feature request

Do you have a cool feature to implement? Just let me know.

Requestsed features

- App installation on external storage media - by Chris Kemp   done 

- Metronome - by Luca Ferla

- Landscape layout when writing lyrics - by Tong Mathias


Contributors are welcome!

If you have ideas that you wish to see implemented or if you somehow want to be a part of SongMemo' development  team, feel free to contact me.



Thanks to BodeyM we now have some extra backgrounds, just try to "longPress" song's title:




The best way to set it up (by James Mcfarlane)

What's the the best way to set it up and get the best recording sound from Songmemo using an acoustic guitar?

For James Mcfarlane, a friend who wrote us an email, a rubber band and phone placement are the key to get the best recording sound. James is a printer and has HUGE rubber bands. He actually had to cut it down because originally the rubber band is about ten feet long. The next picture shows how to configure it all.


Tip By James Mcfarlane

Thank you so much James, for sharing your thoughts on "How to use Songmemo".


User Data Privacy

SongMemo records sound directly from the microphone and saves it into the device filesystem.

In any situation the app will send this files across the internet. There are no connections to any type from the app to an external server.

The recorded info is stored in your device only.


Download & install

Scan the this QrCode, with your mobile QrScaner.

You can also find SongMemo, directly from Android Market  Released, Feb. 14