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Communities arise from the need to communicate and share information. The present study intends to facilitate an open community where users are concerned or passionate about a subject and are willing to collaborate with other members by sharing their related knowledge.

Based on the theoretical concept of community of practice and using a technological hybrid approach, this work proposes a community sharing platform for mobile devices.



Is it possible to create community sharing platform for mobile devices, that allows people to interact around common interests? Is it possible to support future developments by creating a sustainable business plan?



This work proposes a quantitative approach, using methods of data collection and its quantitative and qualitative analysis.


The proposed methodology is based on four methodological steps:

  1. Literature analysis for the presented objectives and understand the state of the art on this subject.

  2. Plan, develop, test and release a mobile application and its support web platform.

  3. Validate systems reliability using a survey directed to the end-user and analyse backend statistics to understand how the system is being used.

  4. Using OsterWalder model, propose a free based business model to support future developments.


Design research involves the analysis of the use and performance of designed artifacts to understand, explain and very frequently to improve on the behavior of aspects of Information Systems.  

Is a set of methods and techniques that allow IS researchers to answer research questions about the interaction of humans and computers.



4.1 Literature review

  4.1.1 Communities of practice

  4.1.2 Mobile applications

  4.1.3 Cross-platform applications HTML5 Hybrid models

  4.1.4 Free based business models

  4.1.5 Marketing 3.0

  4.1.6 State of the art


ARTICLE - Community sharing platform for mobile devices

presented at Workshop on Open Source and Design of Communication - OSDOC ‘11