Master Thesis

Master Thesis


Community Sharing Platform for Mobile Devices



Communities arise from the need to communicate and share information. The present study intends to facilitate the creation of open communities where users are concerned or passionate about a subject and are willing to share their knowledge with other members. Based on the theoretical concept of community of practice and using a technological hybrid approach, this work proposes a Community Sharing Platform for Mobile Devices. Initially describes a conceptual model using three different approaches: Operational, Technological and Economic. Later, validates this model by developing a functional prototype, which is available for a set of users. Finally, based on usage statistics, the prototype is validated.



Community of Practice, Mobile Applications, Cross-Platform Development for Mobile Applications, Hybrid Mobile Applications, Free based Business Models.



Dr. Carlos J. Costa, Assistant Professor, ISCTE-IUL and Manuela Aparício, MsC, Invited Lecturer, ISCTE-IUL


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